vendredi 4 août 2017

A poem from Samita CHATTOPADHYAY (Bengal, India).

I am a tiny ant,
I walk alone...
I have no “head”,
No “heart”...
But somewhere
Inside my so called head
a sense of duty,
a scent of the same,
attracts me,
makes me mad
leaves no other way
but to walk ahead.

There's no leader in front,
No cadre to follow...
Only some other ants like me --
They are all ghost-ants --
Guide me from somewhere...

I don't know them
But can feel their presence.
And one among them,
An old ant,
who has walked alone
in a lonely path,
helps me to concentrate,
to walk towards the point,
for which I have deep love.

And now I have learnt
the style of walking alone
without feeling lonely.


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