samedi 31 mars 2018

U.S : Protect your user data. Demand an independent audit of FACEBOOK.

Facebook's scandals are making vulnerable communities less safe online.

Demand an independent public audit of the civil rights and safety impacts of Facebook’s policies and programs.

Dear friend. 

The Facebook scandals just keep coming; every day we learn of a new way Facebook has put our communities’ safety at risk. First, we found out Facebook allowed Cambridge Analytica - a shady campaign firm working for Trump - to exploit the private personal data of 50 million people without their knowledge.1 Now we’ve learned that Facebook data is being used by ICE to track people.2

Though Mark Zuckerberg has signaled his political support for immigrant communities, Facebook has increasingly become an accessory to ICE’s deportation machine.3 4 Aiding in a process that not only hunts down Black immigrants and targets Black activists but helps to create cases against them in court. Like so many other issues that deal with the safety of their users, Facebook has not done nearly enough to protect the most vulnerable people.

We all know the feeling of seeing a friend’s latest hilarious video pop up in our News Feed, or clicking through the latest photos of a family member’s new baby across the country or seeing our people in the streets demanding justice for yet another murder by police. For both the joyous and the tragic, Facebook is a venue for our people to connect, to organize and to share. Facebook is enmeshed in our culture so deeply that the failure to protect our safety on the platform is an egregious violation of the public trust.

These latest scandals add to a laundry list of issues that put the safety of our communities at risk - including Facebook becoming an organizing hotbed for white supremacists, an incubator for hate speech, and a place for law enforcement to harass Black people. It’s past time for Facebook to take responsibility.

Mark Zuckerberg has promised that following these latest scandals his company will finally step up and properly protect our data. But we’ve seen Zuckerberg, make and break this promise before. In a recently resurfaced BBC interview with Zuckerberg from 2009, he promised that users will own their own information and that Facebook wouldn’t sell it or share it with anyone.5 Zuckerberg has shattered that promise and in doing so allowed our information to be exploited. If Zuckerberg wants to regain our trust, he must commit to a full and public civil rights and safety audit of his company conducted by an independent outside agency. The information we share with our friends and family should not be exploited for someone else again.

We know that public audits like this work, which is why were joining with Muslim Advocates to push Facebook to conduct one. When Airbnb lost the public’s trust in 2016 over a series of discriminatory housing issues, we pushed with them to conduct a public audit and the results drove them to overhaul much of their platform to create a more fair, just and safe experience for Black users.6 Airbnb’s audit was successful because it was done by an independent third-party, civil rights organizations were meaningfully engaged about the recommendations and the results were released to the public. Like AirBnB, Facebook can use a public audit to better understand how they have failed to protect our communities and find ways to make systemic changes that better protect users.

So far, the only steps Facebook has publicly taken to address this crisis have been to roll out an updated privacy settings page.7 This step is just a paint job masking Facebook’s deeper problems and is indicative of the company’s typical reaction of putting the burden of solving major issues like this on their users. In the past, when it came to addressing the ongoing hate speech crisis on the platform, Facebook has burdened the people being attacked with the responsibility to report and prove the threats were substantial instead of using their vast resources to invest in transformative anti-hate policies and practices.8 9 Rather than develop robust policies and practices that protect our information, our rights, and our safety, Facebook prefers to make minor adjustments to how their settings are displayed. It’s time for that to change.

Under Zuckerberg’s leadership, Black users have increasingly found the platform to be an unsafe environment. Beyond the constant stream of white supremacist hate speech on the platform, many outspoken Black activists have repeatedly been banned by Facebook.10 11 12 This undoubtedly because Facebook’s own training documents show a deep misunderstanding of what hate speech.13 Until just a few months ago, their documents indicated that white men were deemed a more protected category than Black children.14 On more than one occasion, Facebook has punished Black users for stating “All White people are racist” as hate speech, but has refused to remove posts threatening violence against Muslims.15 Even our own recent Instagram post about the ‘March for Our Lives’ and the epidemic of white male gun violence was removed under Facebook’s erroneous hate speech rules.16 17

Hate speech is speech that attacks a person or group based on their actual or perceived race, color, religion, national origin, ethnicity, immigration status, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, or disability - and it can lead to violence, intimidation, harassment, and threats. But because of Facebook’s lack of transparency on these issues, it has been difficult to keep people safe from threats on the platform.

Facebook’s disregard for the protection of private personal data and the safety of its most vulnerable users is playing a role in shaking the foundations of our democracy and shattering people’s faith in institutions. This week, Mark Zuckerberg stated, “you know we have a basic responsibility to protect people's data and if we can't do that then we don't deserve to have the opportunity to serve people.”18 Facebook’s failures have put our communities at risk through their data malpractice, opaque interactions with law enforcement, erasure of Black activist voices, and inability to tackle hate speech on the platform

Only through a public audit of all of Facebook’s practices and programs can real systemic changes be identified that will make Facebook the type of platform where people can share photos without fear a white supremacists trolling them, talk about racism and Black experiences without fear of being put in “Facebook jail,” and keep up with our families over distance without worrying that our private information will be shared with nefarious companies. 

Until justice is real, 

Arisha, Rashad, Brandi, Johnny, Evan, Jade, Future, Corina, Chad, Mary, Angela, Saréya, Eesha, and the rest of the Color Of Change team

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Color Of Change is building a movement to elevate the voices of Black folks and our allies, and win real social and political change. Help keep our movement strong.

en avril, à Paris, l'EXPOSITION "VOYAGE" de HOM NGUYEN.

Aucun texte alternatif disponible.

Jean-Louis ROBERT (La Réunion) flirte et fleurette.

or fleur est 
mystère recèle 
en son calice la
chevelure de 
l'infini du désir

Jean-Louis ROBERT.

vendredi 30 mars 2018

U.S : Maxine WATERS.

#VotingWhileBlack logo

Trump attacked Congresswoman Maxine Waters.

Help fund our plans to unseat racist politicians !

29 March 2018

Dear friend,

Trump’s ugly racism has reared its head once again. This time, Trump publicly attacked Rep. Maxine Waters’ intelligence at a rally in Pennsylvania, dropping any attempt at presidential decorum in favor of schoolyard name-calling.

For Trump, this isn’t very surprising. But we know too well that Trump isn’t our only elected official spewing anti-Black sentiments. His comments reflect the racist words and actions of many local politicians making decisions in our own backyards.

Take prosecutors, for example. They decide whether to maintain the system of cash bail, how harshly to prosecute minor drug offenses and how to deal with police violence, among other responsibilities. In other words, prosecutors make choices that can either free thousands of Black people, or lock up thousands more of us.

The story of Kenneth Humphrey in San Francisco paints a disturbing picture of the racism embedded in many of our prosecutors. Humphreys is accused of stealing $5 and a bottle of cologne from his neighbor’s room in their senior housing complex. Local prosecutors allowed his bail to be set at $350,000, a price which has forced him to wait in jail for over 250 days and counting.1 $350,000 for a $5 crime. This is unacceptable.

Here are some stark facts about our criminal justice system :

  • In the U.S., 95% of District Attorneys are white.2
  • Black and white folks use drugs at similar rates, but Black folks are imprisoned at almost 6 times higher rates.3
  • Black men are given on average 35% higher bond than white men.4

Racism from our President is echoed in racism in our courts, and Black people pay the highest price. We’ve had enough. 

In 2018, Color Of Change PAC is committing to mobilize Black voters in nearly 30 races. From Florida to Michigan to California, we'll unseat racist politicians and replace them with ones who care about us.

  1. Hire local organizers who are deeply embedded in their communities to help us connect with people on the ground
  2. Host multiple #BlackJoyBrunches in each city, where we’ll educate people about why we need to transform criminal justice for Black people
  3. Train local community members in digital organizing skills, including how to use an innovative app that educates hundreds of thousands of Black voters on upcoming elections through simple text messages
  4. Run online ads that reach over 1 million people and bring their attention to the criminal justice issues at stake in their elections
  5. Win BIG for Black people on Election Day !

Rep. Waters deserves better than to be called names by the President. We deserve better than to be unfairly targeted and imprisoned by prosecutors. Together, we can change all of this.

Until justice is real,

Arisha, Jenni, Shannon, Kwesi, Bhavik, Daniel, Reagan, Scott and the Color Of Change PAC team


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Un court poème de Patricia LARANCO.

De bon matin, la propreté de la lumière
et la netteté du bleu qui tombent

Patricia Laranco.


L’image contient peut-être : ciel, plante, nuage, arbre, crépuscule, fleur, plein air et nature

The Murmurs of a Heartbeat 
Melodious Rhyme
Baptised with Inspirational Magic.
The Echoes of a Lucid Mind is mirrored in a Purified Soul .
The Melodies of Time reflects the Poetry of Our Inner Voices. 
In forging the Contours of Our Dreams , 

We carry the Silent Nectar 
Of the Hopes of Humanity 
In a Single moment
In the Cosmic History of Time ...
Where the Physics of our Being 
Where the Quant Mutation of our Soul
Merge to define A Unique Reality...
Mortal Fragility of Being ...

Text and photo : Sadek RUHMALY.

All rights reserved.

jeudi 29 mars 2018


Sous l’occupation, gifler un soldat est pire que tuer un Palestinien
" Lundi 19 mars en Israël, il y a eu deux événements parallèles :

1) La cour d’appel militaire d’Israël a refusé à Ahed Tamimi, 17 ans, sa requête d’un procès public pour les accusations découlant du fait qu’elle avait giflé, le 15 décembre dernier, un soldat israélien qui occupait sa maison, en déclarant qu’un procès à huis clos était « tout à son intérêt ».

2) La commission militaire israélienne des libérations conditionnelles a réduit à 9 mois la peine de prison d’Elor Azarya pour avoir tué en 2016 un suspect palestinien dans l’incapacité d’agir d’un tir dans la tête à bout portant, après que le chef d’état-major des armées ait réduit la peine originelle de 18 mois à 14 mois.

Ces deux histoires se regardent en miroir."

Lire la suite de cet article de Jonathan Ofir suite à la condamnation par le régime israélien d'Ahed Tamimi à 8 mois de prison sur le site de l'Agence.

A lire aussi sur ce sujet,  cet article du journaliste Gidéon Levy dans le quotidien israélien "Haaretz" le 26 mars dernier et publié sur le site de l'Agence : " Absolument, c’est de l’apartheid "

Quand la Gauche est à Droite : comment les Palestiniens peuvent crever la bulle politique d’Israël
"Ce qui paraît certain pourtant, c’est que la politique israélienne post-Bibi présage de malheurs croissants pour les Palestiniens. Tous les prétendants au leadership ont des histoires de liens étroits avec une vision raciste et violente des Palestiniens comme étant, soit des nuisances à tolérer, soit des menaces à détruire. L’expérience a également montré que, bien qu’il puisse y avoir des nuances entre les partis politiques israéliens, les effets de leur politique envers les Palestiniens sont à peine différents, et en Israël et dans les Territoires Palestiniens Occupés (TPO)"

Lire la suite de cette analyse d'Amjad Iraki du réseau d'analyses palestiniennes "Al-Shabaka" et publié sur le site de l'Agence.

Le discours qu’Israël a tenté de censurer au Parlement Européen
"Malgré les tentatives d’Israël pour le censurer, Omar Barghouti a bien fait son discours lors de la conférence « Les colonies israéliennes en Palestine et l’Union Européenne » qui s’est déroulée au Parlement européen le 28 Février 2018. Elle était organisée par l’eurodéputée portugaise Ana Gomes. Omar est un défenseur palestinien des droits humains et cofondateur du mouvement de Boycott, Désinvestissement et Sanctions (BDS)."

Hommage à l'immense artiste palestinienne Rim Banna

L'immense artiste palestinienne Rim Banna est décédée le 24 mars dernier à l'âge de 51 ans des suites d'un cancer, contre lequel elle luttait depuis 9 ans déjà.

"Sur la toile, les hommages affluent, saluant sa dignité dans son combat contre la maladie et le symbole qu’elle incarnait en tant qu’activiste palestinienne...":

Lire la suite de cet article sur le site du Huffington Post Maghrebet celui publié sur

"Avec sa voix pure et son répertoire mélancolique, Rim Banna était depuis 30 ans une icône pour les Palestiniens d'Israël et des Territoires occupés."

Voici l'une de ses nombreuses chansons en soutien à la résistance palestinienne pour lui rendre hommage, à écouter ICI.

L'Agence Média Palestine a besoin de votre soutien !

Faire un don à l'Agence
Si vous souhaitez prendre contact avec nous ou nous transmettre une information, n'hésitez pas à nous contacter par e-mail ou courrier postal à :