dimanche 21 juin 2015


Nearly 1,800 people have drowned while crossing the Mediterranean this year. Now the EU has tabled a strong action plan to save them, but the Czech Republic, the UK, Poland and Spain are threatening to block it. Experts say massive public support is the only way to keep the plan alive. Join now the call for ambitious action to end Europe’s biggest shame: 


Dear friends,

Terrified children, fleeing war and hunger, are right now drifting in rusting boats somewhere on the Mediterranean, praying they do not drown.

We could finally throw them a lifeline -- in days, for the first time ever, EU governments will vote on an emergency humanitarian plan to save lives and provide safe refuge.

But shamefully, the Czech Republic, the UK, Poland and Spain are threatening to bring it down. Worse still, some are using us as an excuse, claiming the public doesn’t want to help!

We only have days to counter this narrative with a massive call for compassion -- Avaaz has the chance to deliver our call straight into the leaders summit. Sign up now -- let's show them we won’t accept this death sentence for the desperate:


This is a refugee crisis without precedence since WWII. Every day, hundreds of traumatised and persecuted families are crossing to Europe. Their only hope is sanctuary from fear. With no peace in sight to wars like Syria, their choice to board a boat may be the only one they have. Increasing safe and legal routes into the EU is the best way to reduce the numbers risking their lives.

Lebanon, Turkey and Jordan are together hosting almost 4 million Syrian refugees, while the UK has only taken about 200! The emergency plan is proposing Europe gives homes to just 20,000 more across all of our 28 countries. It also would improve search and rescue operations at sea, share the burden of the massive numbers of asylum seekers coming into Southern Europe, and take on the people traffickers.

Although insufficient to deal with the magnitude of the problem, this plan is a first crucial step towards a system that can alleviate unbearable suffering. Join the campaign now -- experts are clear the best way to ensure it doesn’t get derailed is to urgently show it has massive public backing:


Let's make sure our leaders know the EU is full of decent people with a sense of shared humanity. Already our small donations are funding rescue operations in the Mediterranean, and from Germany to Greece, and Italy to the UK, Avaaz members are signing up to help resettle families. Throughout history people have opened their doors to those fleeing oppression. Now it's our turn.

With hope and determination,

Alice, Bert, Luca, Marigona, Luis, Mélanie and the whole Avaaz team

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