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FOX News’ hateful message continues to drive a national environment where killing and oppressing Blacks is acceptable. Together we can end Fox News’ reign of hate and bigotry.
Demand that the new CEO of 21st Century Fox fire the head of FOX News !
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Dear friends, 
The massacre in Charleston strikes at the heart of what it means to be Black in this country and the ongoing struggle for our dignity, safety, and freedom. FOX News looked at this struggle on Thursday and used this moment to spew their message of white supremacy and indifference to Black suffering.1
Enough is enough, it’s time to hold FOX News accountable for this divisive race-baiting rhetoric once and for all.
For the first time in two decades we have a chance to permanently change FOX News, by getting FOX’s CEO, Roger Ailes, fired. In less than two weeks James Murdoch will take over Fox’s parent company, 21st Century Fox.2 This is great news — James Murdoch has an absolutely toxic relationship with Roger Ailes and despises the hateful message of the Fox News network.3 With a big public outcry we can give James Murdoch the push he needs to fire the hateful man behind FOX News.
Will you sign the petition to fire Roger Ailes, the CEO of FOX News?
Change won't come over night, this is a long battle — but together, if we change FOX, we would be taking an important step towards changing racial discourse in this country. For the last two decades Fox has shamelessly used racially inflammatory language everyday to promote racial intolerance and hatred – stoking the hatred of Blackness that has led to the violent deaths of Black children, men and women in Charleston, Baltimore, New York, Cleveland, and Ferguson.
FOX is so committed to their message of dismissing Black lives that almost every FOX host said that the Charleston terrorist attack had nothing to do with race. Almost every Fox host called this a hate crime against anything other than Blackness – a hate crime against Christianity4, a hate crime against South Carolina5. Another FOX pundit went so far as to say that this never would have happened if the Black victims had guns.6 FOX’s hosts willfully ignored the abundant information confirming the shooter’s racist intent – his jacket covered with pro-apartheid logos7, a Confederate flag license plate, and specifically telling his victims that he was doing it because they were Black.
And to top it all off, Bill O’Reilly and the other talking heads at FOX continue to deny that their vitriolic and destructive message is hate speech.8
As long as FOX continues to shamelessly use racially inflammatory language and deny the existence of racism, events like Charleston will continue to happen. Black communities live in fear from hyper militarized police and white supremacists, and everyday spokespeople and hack journalists from FOX continue to deny that racism exists. The hateful and demeaning rhetoric they spew contributes to the hostile, racist environment that led to the Charleston shooter's action.9
We have campaigned tirelessly to put an end to FOX News’ message of hate and white supremacy. Together we've successfully gottem Glenn Beck pulled off the air and we continue to push for Bill O'Reilly's removal. But if we can get CEO Roger Ailes fired, we can change the complexion of the whole network.
Will you sign the petition to fire Roger Ailes, the CEO of FOX News?
For past 15 years, Roger Ailes has run FOX News as nothing more than a right-wing hate speech operation under the auspices of a news channel. Ailes has been the brains behind much of the dog whistle language used to demonize and vilify Black bodies. And now we have chance to get him fired.
Earlier this week, 21st Century Fox announced that Ailes would be reporting directly to James Murdoch. This is a massive public rebuke of Ailes considering that just five days earlier, Ailes had his FOX News host release a rogue statement declaring that he would be unaffected by the announcement and would not have to report to James.10
This is just the latest in a decades long toxic relationship between the two. Ailes has gone so far as to publicly call James, his new boss, a “f*cking dope.”11
James’ legacy is on the line and we know he has a desire for FOX News to become a respectable news network, a public push could be all that is needed to change FOX News for good. Tell James Murdoch that for the sake of integrity, it's time for Roger Ailes to go.
Will you sign the petition to fire Roger Ailes, the CEO of FOX News?
Thanks and Peace,
Rashad, Arisha, Brandi, Evan, Dallas and the rest of the ColorOfChange team.
June 20, 2015

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