lundi 28 décembre 2015


Dear friend, 

I’m Rashad Robinson – the Executive Director here at ColorOfChange – and I just want to say that you all have blown me away. At the start of this month I challenged you all to help us reach our most ambitious fundraising target ever, $200,000 - and we’ve just officially reached the halfway point.
But we’re still $94,681 short of our goal. With only 4 days left in 2015 - will you chip in $3 for 2016 and help close this fundraising gap?

With more than 4,694 ColorOfChange members donating more than $105,319 dollars, this is already our best fundraising effort in our 10 year history. But it is not yet enough to ensure that we are capable of meeting all of the challenges and opportunities of 2016. We are in a pivotal moment in the movement for Black lives – and if we can't reach the goal of $200,000 by the end of December 31, then one way or another, we'll have to cut back on these crucial 2016 plans:
  1. Invest in holding prosecutors accountable, by creating a national database of prosecutors and directly engaging in prosecutor elections. By diving into prosecutor elections, we’ll be holding prosecutors accountable in a way no other organization ever has.
  2. Expose the FBI and DHS’s illegal surveillance of our movement, and pressure decision makers to end it.
  3. Train a whole new generation of Black community leaders and organizers, who will be able to fight for justice in every corner of the country.
  4. Open a new office in Hollywood to directly combat toxic media representations of Black folks, which lead to us being seen as less than human by society at large.
  5. Hold the right-wing accountable for the race-baiting rhetoric that is encouraging violence against Black people and swelling the ranks of white supremacist groups.
At ColorOfChange, we value every donation that’s made – whatever the size – because the way we create change is through an engaged community of people pitching in and taking action together. By chipping in $3 right now, you’ll ensure that we can push forward and seize this moment to make all of these crucial plans for justice a reality. Will you chip in right now ?

Thanks and peace,

Rashad, Arisha, Johnny, Evan, Brittaney, and the rest of the ColorOfChange team

ColorOfChange is building a movement to elevate the voices of Black folks and our allies, and win real social and political change. Help keep our movement strong.

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