mardi 8 décembre 2015

Crunch time for 100% clean energy

We’ve now only got days until the climate summit in Paris closes. We need to urgently neutralise the blockers and ensure our champions don’t backslide and commit to the deal that could save our future. Add your message now of why you want 100% clean energy -- our voices will be delivered on a massive screen across from the plenary hall, and to key delegates by hand.  

Dear friends,

Environment and Foreign Ministers just arrived in Paris -- it’s crunch time for a global climate deal.

Our massive mobilisations across the planet and our 3.6-million-strong petition have galvanised a slew of countries to back a global commitment to zero carbon pollution, something unthinkable even 18 months ago. But blockers like Saudi Arabia and Venezuela are still trying to take this goal out of the deal, and others are trying to weaken it so they can continue choking our atmosphere with coal and gas.

We’ve now only got days until this conference closes -- we need to urgently neutralise these blockers and ensure our champions don’t backslide into diluted compromises, leaving us with a dud deal.

As ministers and officials face each other across the negotiating table, let’s remind them what’s at stake and what the public expects. Add your message now of why you want 100% clean energy -- our voices will be delivered on a massive screen across from the plenary hall, and to key delegates by hand:

The winds are blowing in an ambitious direction -- in June, the G7 committed to a phase-out of fossil fuels, on Saturday almost a thousand mayors committed to run their cities with 100% clean power by 2050, and right now the draft negotiating text has a commitment to get the world off fossil fuels for good. But there are other options in the text that are vague intentions, with no urgency, that would lead us to a climate crisis.

Oil lobbyists and some polluter countries are desperately trying to ensure that is all we win here in Paris. But the world needs a clear date and a zero target in this deal, in order to send an immediate signal to investors to switch their funds from fossil fuels into clean energy, giving the sector the massive boost it needs to grow.

The Avaaz team has been told by delegates that the hundreds of thousands of us that took to the streets and our constant campaigning for 100% clean energy has been a major factor in moving our governments to higher ambition. But we cannot let down the pressure now, just as we come to the finish line.

Let’s flood our Ministers with messages of our hopes and dreams for this summit and for our shared future, and show them people everywhere are watching. Add a message now:
Our community is most powerful in moments like this, when time is tight and the stakes couldn’t be higher. This deal to protect everything we love could still go either way. Let’s all come together now and raise our voices to get a real deal that can protect us, and future generations, from catastrophe.

With hope and determination,

Alex, Alice, Mike, Marigona, Camille, and the entire Avaaz team 

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