lundi 3 août 2015

An ABSURD STORY from Samita CHATTOPADHYAY (Bengal, India).

Mirror stared at you –
It got amazed…

Cloud sat on your eyebrow…
Slowly it started expanding its wings;
Your forehead became murky;
The pallor of your chin
Made the mirror dismal…

The mirror was in love with YOU –
The body;
The mirror and you –
Both took the body to be YOU;
Both became glum…

Suddenly something dropped –
The Earth!
The plummeting earth was bizarre –
She gaped at you;
Her voice was off-the-wall –
“The nub is inside the shell –
Crack it
And be happy…”

- “Nuts…”

Earth behaved weirdly,
- “Jump within
And then…”

Earth vanished in a trice;
You looked at the mirror;
Mirror winked…

Who was there ?!

A person on cloud nine !!


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