vendredi 14 août 2015

Casey STEVENS's campaign (continuation) : Let's turn up the heat on Netflix.

Dear Friends,

Thanks so much for signing the petition "Don't Fund the Next Dylann Roof: Dump Reddit!" It's incredibly heartening that you're standing with me on this issue. I'm writing to you with some more easy actions we can take to help move these corporations toward taking action. This week we're focusing our attention on Netflix, since they are so big and influential; if we can get them to pull their ads, it should be a lot easier to get the rest to follow suit and make Reddit see how serious this is. 

If you're on Twitter, just click any of the links below to send your choice of the following messages: 

for Netflix subscribers:

for anyone: 

You can also follow us on Twitter and Tumblr and share the content we're sharing. Following us on our social media channels is another easy way to show the corporations we're targeting how much support we have for our position, so please follow ! 

If you're on Facebook, you can also write Netflix brief comments on their Facebook posts. Here are some suggestions, in italics below: 

I want to support Netflix, but I don’t want to support hate. Please make a public commitment to pull your advertising from Reddit until they articulate a clear policy banning hate speech. 

Hate speech is dangerous, so don’t use my subscriber dollars to support it! Please remove your ads from Reddit until it announces a policy banning hate speech! 

Thanks again for your support. With your help, we can slow the spread of white supremacist ideologies and save some lives while we're at it!

In solidarity, 


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