samedi 23 janvier 2016


Dear friends,

The indictment and firing of DPS Trooper Brian Encinia in the Sandra BLAND case earlier this month was a small but definite step forward in our fight to make Black Lives Matter.
We’re taking that fight to the streets next week in Austin when we join the Millions March Texas.

Trooper Encinia needlessly stopped, assaulted and arrested Sandra Bland in Prairie View last year. Earlier this month, Encinia was indicted on a perjury charge and was fired. While his indictment and firing are signs of progress in our pursuit for justice, there are still countless other people of color across the country who have lost their lives at the hands of rampant police brutality and systemic racism.
That’s why TOP is joining #BlackLivesMatter groups and activists in Austin on Saturday, January 30 to take part in Millions March Texas, a march demanding justice and change, specifically an end to police brutality, the school-to-prison pipeline and mass incarceration.

For more information, contact Dorothy Wagner at (832) 322-8242 or

In solidarity,

Tarsha Jackson
Harris County Director
Texas Organizing Project

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