jeudi 22 décembre 2016

CHRIST MASS 2016, a poem from Sadek RUHMALY (Mauritius).

Jesus Ô Blessed One
Jesus Ô Pure One
Jesus Ô Magnanimous One

Jesus thou are divine grace personified 
Jesus thou are human frailty crucified
Jesus thou are worldly treasures mystified

Jesus thou are what we cannot be
Jesus thou are who we fail to be
Jesus thou are where we aspire to climb

Jesus we are guilty of betrayal 
Jesus we are consumed in flesh
Jesus we are immersed in ego

Jesus our riches are our blindness
Yet you are godly sight
Jesus our status is our loss
Yet you are godly throne

Jesus you are seamless love
Yet we are consumed by hate

Jesus you are endless charity
Yet we are but cursed beggars

Jesus you are instant forgiveness 
Yet we are vengeful fools

Jesus we seek your return
Yet we rush away from your bliss

Jesus your law is loving peace
Yet we are noisy warriors

Jesus we chant thy glory
Yet our fake faith betray your sacrifice

Jesus we await thy return
Yet we lost all patience in thy faith

Christ Mass is thy Spirit
Yet we divorced the Holy Spirit

We have sold out our Souls to worldly gifts
We perverted Christ Mass to Christmas

Jesus We are ungrateful ignoramus
Yet you do not abandon our pleas

Jesus our spiritual Eye is dimmed
Jesus we need Light to See
Jesus we need God's Love to enlightenment

Christ Mass
A prayer to heal our spiritual sound
A prayer to heal Humanity from chaos
A prayer to heal our Hearts from hate

May our sins be cleansed
May our Wins be sealed
May our Universal Souls be twinned

Amen ....

22nd December 2016

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