samedi 3 décembre 2016

PORT LOUIS MY LOVE, by Sadek RUHMALY (Mauritius).

 1716 vibes still oozes from your blossom Your Mountain Slopes defined a Safe Haven When Ships still arboured Masts with Sails Your nested seafront seduced Power Base

Your secret mystery inspired Mahé de Labourdonnais to decorate your curves with angular geometry...

Your Spiritual Codes inspired Martyrs of God

Our Tamil Stone Masters and Ancestry cajoled Cathedrals in your stomach...

Our Ancestry in Priesthood embossed with staunch devotion to humanism

Port Louis my Love Inspirations for Poetic Legends Your Womb has nested Patriots and Saints

Your Wrinkled History of Colonial Architecture to dazzle our nostalgia to hybrid creations.

Your Luring energies make our horseracing sift chic so ensuring

Your cobbled stone paths harboured ancestral vegetable trades to feed your children

Your greenery immortalised Political Struggles

Your Tapestry of History gifted is with Democratic Inheritance of Elected Citizens

Your buzzing trade heartbeat nourished a melting pot of migrant adventurers full of hope

Port Louis My Love Your 1716 roots yields fresh blooms Your 1810 adolescence yields strong barks Your 1968 Adulthood yields Prosperity Your 1975 Youth Revival yields Evolution Your 2016 Night Gown yields Yearning

Port Louis My Love We are wrapped in your living roots We are defined by your Landmarks We are challenged by your Ageing Symbols We are deafened by your Suffocation We are defied by your Duality of Moods

Port Louis My Love

Poets cling to your Lingering Mystery Children learn to believe in your Magic Wealth and Power merge in your Bowel Visitors wander and ponder within you Ancestors spiritually live eternally in your Worship sites The Departed rest in your Stonework Safety

Port Louis My Love I am here to honour your Light I stand to utter your Shadows I crawl to savour your Silent Beauty I bow to bear the Weight of your History I smile to breathe freely within You I cry to bear my Testimony to your Elegant Beauty of Yesteryear

Port Louis My Love Je T’aime...

2nd December 2016

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