samedi 24 décembre 2016

U.S : Contribute $1 a month to "Color Of Change" and help us build Black power !

We need to train activists and organizers to fight locally all over the U.S in opposition to Mr. Trump. 

Help us continue to build real power by making a monthly donation to Color Of Change that we'll use to build the opposition movement this country needs.

Dear friend,

We are heading into the New Year unafraid of Trump because Color Of Change has already begun launching its full opposition to Trump and his minions. And as Trump continues to be a voice for white nationalists, we have to arm Black people and our communities with the tools to fight and win real, tangible gains for Black people. Our livelihood hangs in the balance, and we will fight back ! In 2017 we will be training our members in hyper-local organizing tactics at trainings held around the country.

Trump has already appointed one of the most racist, xenophobic, and anti-woman federal cabinets in recent history.We know that his administration will work tirelessly to erase and subdue the momentum that the progressive movement and the movement for Black lives have built over the last eight years. In fighting back, we will target institutions in our own communities and pressure them to treat Black people equitably and fairly. By organizing in block associations, school boards, and police oversight committees, we can strongly oppose the racist right-wing takeover in Washington.

With Trump in the White House, we must strengthen our efforts by focusing on hyper-local organizing tactics. We'll need to organize our districts, cities, and schools to create real change. 

We'll train people like you to organize and win campaigns against local school boards that ignore hate crimes against students and staff, prosecutors that fail to indict murderous police officers, and police departments that invade Black, Latino, and immigrant homes every single day ! We know that when districts, communities, schools, workplaces, and blocks are organized we can all get in formation quickly !

Over the course of the last 12 months, we trained over 3,000 activists in a variety of digital strategizing skills. In 2017, we want to double that number, training even more campaigners on how to take action locally as a part of our Training Program. Now more than ever it is so important that we focus on organizing locally and building our power.  We must stand in opposition to Trump, his corrupt and racist administration, and the extreme threat that they pose to all of our communities. 

Help us build your power through our training programs. Help us build our collective people power, and help us build Black power !

In 2017 Color Of Change is committed to building a real opposition to Donald Trump. Through our training programs, taking place all over the United States, we will develop leaders who will oppose and delegitimize Trump’s impending reign of hate and terror. We will make sure that Democrats in the government join the opposition as well, and that they do not accept Trump as legitimate, that they refuse to bargain with him, and that they don't treat his agenda as the status quo.

This new leadership is urgently necessary. We need you to join the opposition and sustain the work that needs to be done in this political climate by giving $1 a month to Color Of Change.

In spite our outrage about the times we are in, we are excited to build real, collective, Black power with you !

The struggle continues,

Kwesi Chappin
Organizing Director

Color Of Change is building a movement to elevate the voices of Black folks and our allies, and win real social and political change. Help keep our movement strong.

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