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U.S : Tell Congress : No Compromise for TRUMP's Hate. #BanTheBudget.

We're flooding Congress with calls demanding 

they don't compromise with Trump.

Call your member and demand they 
#BanTheBudget before it's too late ! 

Dear friend,

BREAKING : Trump just backed away from including funding for his hateful wall in the budget. Our pressure is working !
But tomorrow, Trump’s full budget will be released and in exchange for the wall, he's pushing for more border "security and technology" but not restoring any of the devastating cuts to crucial programs keeping people safe, healthy, and working. We're flooding Congress with calls demanding they don't compromise and continue to reject Trump's dreadful budget. Will you join us ?

Programs like “Meals on Wheels”, after-school and summer activities, SNAP benefits, youth and senior job programs, and civil rights and environmental protections are all on the chopping block just to name a few.2 These programs and more are being sacrificed for the sake of "public safety". But how will a multi-billion dollar wall do more for safety than clean air and water or police accountability ?
From small rural Appalachian towns to the southside of Chicago, and all the way to our nation's capitol people are immobilized with fear around the impacts of this budget. We need your help urging Republicans and Democrats to stop battling about who would be at fault for the government shutting down and realize their constituents, American voters, are the ones being punished. A few leading Democratic Senators have gone on record saying they would support more funding for border security, but we say NO COMPROMISE. This budget is still a dangerous document that would ultimately put all of our safety in jeopardy. 

Trump's “top cop” Jeff Sessions is in a position to make Trump's threats real but supporting the dismantling of the DOJ, saying "blue lives matter", and perpetuating "war on drugs" and law and order rhetoric. The Civil Rights Division, which is the only federal institution that investigates and holds police accountable to the law and enforces anti-discrimination laws, is being cut severely. Over 40 attorneys were abruptly fired from the DOJ last month with no intentions on filling those positions because of these cuts.4 However, this administration thinks it's more important and of priority to invest over $600 billion into "rebuilding the military" and dump billions into flawed local police departments, rather than investing in the people of this country.
Stand with us and over 50,000 members and call (618-494-5809) to urge Congress to #BanTheBudget not people. Divesting billions from critical programs and services people actually need is not going to ensure more safety or economic opportunities. Any and every vote against passing the budget counts in this fight. 

Until Justice Is Real !

Arisha, Rashad, Scott, Malaya, Enchanta, Clarise, Anay and the rest of the Color Of Change team

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Color Of Change is building a movement to elevate the voices of Black folks and our allies, and win real social and political change. Help keep our movement strong.

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