jeudi 2 mars 2017

A poem from Sadek RUHMALY (Mauritius).

Afar from such Mysterious Muse

Assunder from Void and Vanity

Aghast with Venom’s Vanquished Ego

Surrender to Blissful Abandon

Summons Galore to Joyful Assembly

Our Souls toil for a Glimpse of Light

Our Hearts foil an Attempt for Might

Glory splits assunder Glamour

Gallantry weds Galloping Whispers

Whirling Rhyme to cajole Whispering Void

Swirls of Soothing Sighs

Myriad of Colours Enlightened Shades

Shadows of Fears to defy Tears

Washing Tones of Doubt

Amidst such Defiance named Ambiance

Washington D.C, USA
February 2017

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