jeudi 2 mars 2017

U. S : Tell NISSAN it's time to decide : STOP ADVERTISING IN BREITBART !

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Dear friend,

I just started a petition titled: "Tell Nissan it's Time to Decide - Stop Advertising in Breitbart."

Here's why this is important : 

As I’m sure you know Breitbart is a news source for the alt-right and the articles they publish are outrightly racist, anti-gay, and anti-muslim. Recently, companies such as Kellogg's, Warby Parker, and others have pulled their advertisements from the Breitbart website, as a way to show that they will not support this type of hateful and inaccurate news. However, Nissan, the car manufacturer, has refused to pull their ads from Breitbart.

When companies choose to advertise on Breitbart, and other racist and white supremacists sites, they are clearly picking a side. Join me in demanding that Nissan drop their advertisements on Breitbart!

Unfortunately, I'm not surprised that Nissan chooses to advertise with a company that upholds no moral values. As the bi-vocational pastor of a small church here in Jackson, MS for the last 12 years, I've watched Nissan engage in abusive, exploitative, and quite frankly militantly anti-Union labor practices in their Canton, Mississippi facility. At the same time Nissan tries to burnish their image by sprinkling charitable contributions around the community. 

The disconnect between Nissan's public image and actual corporate behavior was so great for me that I decided to get involved in supporting workers at Nissan. Now I'm asking you to get involved too. Ask Nissan to stop using their advertising dollars where hate is being promoted. Join me in adding your name to this petition.

The southern U.S is the only place in the world where Nissan operates without a union. The National Labor Relations Board out of New Orleans has already issued a formal complaint charging the company with numerous violations of U.S. labor law including threatening to close the plant if workers vote for the union.

Nissan can't try to come off as diverse and socially aware on the one hand while simultaneously engaging in abusive and unjust labor practices with its 80% African American workforce on the other. Nissan should not only drop their ads in the racist Breitbart news but they should also agree to a fair union election and an end to threats of workers at the Canton, Mississippi plant!

Nissan has already been under pressure for continuing to advertise on Breitbart's website, especially while other major corporations have already dropped their ads. In response to this pressure a Nissan spokeswoman responded by stating that the company places ads “in a variety of sites in order to reach as many consumers as possible. Our advertising is intended to raise awareness of our products with consumers, not to make political commentary.” Choosing to advertise in Brietbart is political commentary. Threatening workers who are trying to organize a union is political commentary. They have clearly chosen a side. 

Join my family, and our congregation, in demanding that Nissan stop advertising in Breitbart NOW!

Thank You,

Pastor Horace McMillon

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