vendredi 9 juin 2017

U.S : Today it's COMEY. Next week, it's SESSIONS.


We're flooding Congress with calls demanding 

they don't let Sessions off the hook for his

 corrupt ties to the private prison industry.

Call the House Appropriations
 Committee and demand they hold
 him accountable.  

URGENT : Sessions is testifying before Congress next week in a hearing on his Department of Justice budget proposal. But while everyone is focused on the administration’s corrupt ties to Russia, no one in Congress is paying attention to its corrupt ties to the private prison industry and attempts to target Black communities.  
Sessions’ attempts to reignite the War on Drugs are directly connected to the Trump administration’s illegal back door campaign contributions from GEO Group1--the largest private prison company contracted to work with the federal government.
Sessions is trying to fill more prisons so he can fill GEO Group’s pockets--advancing the private prison industry’s agenda on the backs of taxpayers and at the expense of Black people.
The House Appropriations Committee hearing is the perfect opportunity to make sure Sessions has to answer to our people on the record. And we need to send a message to committee members loud and clear : Don’t let Sessions off the hook.
Will you make a call to the House Appropriations Committee demanding they hold Sessions to the fire and ask him directly about the administration’s corrupt attempts to target Black communities?

Sessions’ budget takes funds away from fighting discrimination and violations of civil rights and puts it towards policing, criminalization, and fueling mass incarceration.2 The administration’s rhetoric claims the impetus is the need to fight “violent crime” and “drug abuse.” But their campaign finance filings tell a different story. GEO Group gave hundreds of thousands of dollars in illegal donations to the Trump campaign--and saw immediate benefits in the form of Sessions’ policies. As soon as he was sworn in, Sessions reversed the Obama administration’s ban on the federal use of private prisons and gave GEO Group the first contract.3 He said the ban wasn't conducive to the “future needs” for private prisons--giving a forewarning of the policies to come that would target Black communities and throw our people into their cages.4 Then like clockwork, he sent a memo to federal prosecutors instructing them to seek the “harshest sentences” for drug-related offenses--reigniting the now 46-year-old “War on Drugs.”5

Over 100,000 Color of Change members have spoken out against these very clear attempts to fuel mass incarceration for profit. Now we need Congress to take a stand in holding Sessions accountable for these corrupt policies.  

Making a call is easy. Dial the number provided and we’ll connect you to three representatives on the committee that will be holding the hearing next week.
Here's what to say when they answer :
  • Hi, I'm calling to demand that your representative doesn't let Sessions off the hook during his budget hearing next week. He needs to be held accountable for his corrupt ties to the private prison industry, targeting Black communities for profit.
  • After receiving illegal donations from private prison contractor GEO Group, the Trump administration is pushing policies that will directly benefit the company’s bottom line by putting more Black people in prison and fueling mass incarceration.
  • We need to take Sessions to task on this and demand that he give an answer. Will you make sure Sessions is asked about the administration’s illegal political ties to private prison contractor GEO Group ?

Until justice is real,

Scott, Rashad, Arisha, Clarise, Malaya, Anay, Enchanta, Katrese, and the rest of the Color Of Change team

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Color Of Change is building a movement to elevate the voices of Black folks and our allies, and win real social and political change. Help keep our movement strong.

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