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Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey have agreed to give one million Syrian refugee children a place at school in 2016. Over half the funds needed have been pledged but in 48 hours the UK, Germany, Norway and Kuwait are hosting a donor conference in London. If enough of us send them messages now we could convince them to commit the rest. Let's get all these children back to school. 


Dear friends,

In 48 hours, we have the chance to achieve something that will help one million Syrian children, stem the flow of refugees to Europe, and defy ISIS recruiters all in one. These are rare moments!

For the first time in six years, Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey have agreed to give one million Syrian refugee children a place at school. Over half the funds required to make it happen have been pledged. And on February 4th, the UK, Germany, Norway and Kuwait are hosting a donor conference in London. If we get them to commit the remaining 300 million dollars, we could get these kids into school.

The UN Special Envoy for Global Education just said, "When Avaaz members raise their voices and target governments to support action for education, it has huge impact." Let’s get these four leaders to help save this lost generation. Send them a message -- Avaaz will deliver it straight into the conference: 

Samer's father took him from Homs to Beirut when he was 14 because he was hanging out with local fighters, and he feared his son would be recruited into the war. Samer was one of the lucky ones given a school place in Lebanon. Now he says that gave him back his future. This funding could save a million Samers.

With 207,000 Syrian children already in school under a double shift system in Lebanon - and the governments of Lebanon, Turkey and Jordan boldly agreeing to do more - this plan could save lives. The EU, World Bank and private sector have pledged nearly two thirds of the school funds for refugees. Now we need the last third, as part of a $1.4 billion package to ensure all young people inside Syria and in five host countries are in education this academic year.

Some wonder why education should be prioritised, but experts agree education is the best route to a better future for children and their families. Parents of children who are in school are less likely to risk crossing the mediterranean. Andthe more children in school, the less children that fall prey to ISIS and other extremists. Their education has never been more of a no-brainer.

The London conference will be looking at the whole Syrian humanitarian crisis. This school funding is something that donors can commit to right now. Send a message -- let’s do what we do best, and tip these leaders into concrete action: 

Our community has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars and volunteered to help Syrian refugees in Europe. Now the three countries who are hosting the vast majority of Syrian refugees have a plan to help the most vulnerable. Let’s do everything we can to support the initiative and keep the possibility of a better future open for this young generation.

With hope,

Alice, Fatima, Melanie and the whole team at Avaaz
February 02

More information :

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