jeudi 18 février 2016


Dear friends, 

Right now, there are at least 25,000 unaccompanied children seeking refuge in Europe! They’ve fled unimaginable violence, lost their parents, and are desperate to find safe haven. But instead of urgently offering them sanctuary, authorities have abandoned them to dangerous traffickers that stalk them.

The craziest thing is that even children with relations in Europe are not being allowed to join them.

But last month everything changed -- refugee experts have just won a legal case requiring the UK to consider asylum for unaccompanied kids trying to get refuge in Britain.

Avaaz has teamed up with the experts to use this case as a precedent and roll out a campaign to identify these children, and win urgent legal assistance, counselling and shelter for kids across the EU. But the campaign needs urgent funding, or they may still fall prey to the smugglers.

If enough of us donate just a small amount, we can help save these most vulnerable of victims from more trauma, anddo our part to break the child smuggling trade.

In a civilised, humane world, no child would face this terror. Let's help build that world today. Donate now to urgently launch a plan to stop these tragedies : 

Masud was a 15-year-old boy who had escaped the Taliban, made it to Europe, alone, and was on the final leg to reunite with his sister in Britain. But the UK didn’t let him in and Masud suffocated to death, terrified in the back of a truck. Unless urgent attention is given to these kids there will be many more Masuds.

The only way to truly help is by offering families legitimate routes to safety. The UK victory reiterates that unaccompanied minors may claim refuge in any country where they have relatives, but the law is not being upheld and often asylum seekers, especially children, don’t know their rights. That’s where we come in.

If we are able to raise enough together our community could work to:
  • support court cases across the EU to force governments to give these children sanctuary;
  • back lawyers to identify and assist children to reunite them with family who are settled in Europe;
  • campaign to get protection, counselling and shelter while their cases are being processed;
  • and ramp up public and political pressure for urgent action to help refugees.
The refugee crisis can feel overwhelming, but these kids have homes waiting for them! Chip in now-- they have suffered enough already and are alone, their parents are dead, missing or far away, and their only choice is wait in dangerous camps, or risk their lives clambering onto trucks or trains often to their death. Let’s help them find a new life, free from fear. 

Our community has done incredible things to help refugees over the last year, providing funds for life-saving search and rescue in the Mediterranean and transport across Europe, sending aid to Greek islands, and campaigning for the EU, US, Australia and Canada to improve their refugee policies. Let’s now do all we can to help these children finally get to safety. 

With hope and determination,

Alex, Christoph, Antonia, Alice, Emma, Marigona, Risalat and the whole Avaaz team

Further information :

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