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Alkmini started a petition calling for fellow Greeks to get a Nobel Peace Prize for their selfless work with refugees. Hundreds of thousands of people signed, the media loved it, and now they've been nominated! Many changes that make our world a better place begin by somebody lighting a fire of hope -- take a moment to start a petition now on any issue: 

Dear friends,

First as a trickle, then like a flood, they washed up along Greece's coast in rickety overfilled boats: men, women, and children fleeing war and terror.

And every day, Greek islanders went out to meet them. They brought blankets and warm milk for children soaked to the bone, and opened their hearts and homes to hundreds of thousands of refugees.

Alkmini, an Avaaz member, believed these brave women and men deserve recognition for their compassion, so in just a few minutes she started a petition on the Avaaz site calling for these Greek Good Samaritans to be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. 
She sent it out to all of her friends and watched it take off, building fast to half a million signers, and grabbing the attention of the local, and then the global media. And now over 200 academics and two Nobel laureates have nominated the islanders for the world's biggest peace prize!

Alkmini's hope went viral, and it paved a path for others to follow. Many of us have hopes and dreams that are ready to send out into the world -- take a moment to think of one, then click here to start a petition : 

The changes that make our world a better place so often happen when somebody says, "It's not fair, and it doesn't have to be that way." These words turn into wins when others are invited to join in. Already hundreds of thousands of people across the world have used petitions to achieve real change - locally, nationally and even internationally, and anyone can set up a petition in minutes using the same tools Avaaz uses to win campaigns. 

It's easy, and it works. It worked when an Avaaz member in Brazil demanded a ban on seedy seminars led by a man known for glorifying sexual violence. Hundreds of thousands signed on, and Brazil's foreign ministry denied him a visa. It worked for Carol in Trinidad who wanted to stop the bulldozing of a local woodland for a sports stadium, and it worked for Valerio in Italy who wanted a chemical company to stop poisoning his town.

Take a moment to start a petition now on any issue that you're passionate about, or forward this email to someone you know who might be ready to light a fire of hope, and watch it spread like wildfire :

The web is bringing people, media and information together faster and more effectively than ever before, and we've shown how well our community can use these tools to fight for the world we want. Every great Avaaz campaign has started with a vision of hope that caught fire. Any of us can light that flame, and start a fire of hope.

Joseph and the whole Avaaz team

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