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13-year-olds shouldn't be victims of police violence

Justice For Tyre King

Demand Justice for Tyre !

Dear friend,

A 13-year-old child was killed by Ohio police--again.Almost two years after the killing of 12-year-old Tamir Rice, Tyre King has become another victim of police violence against Black children. The police claim that Tyre brandished a BB gun, but an independent medical examiner reported that Tyre was likely running away from police when they shot and killed him.1 To make matters worse, right now Tyre’s murder is being investigated by the same police department that put his killer back to work. When the cops police themselves we already know what the result is: no accountability. We cannot allow another Ohio officer to get away with killing a Black child.

Tyre’s family is not buying the police’s story of him brandishing a gun. They initiated an independent medical examination and found that based on the location and direction of the wound paths, Tyre was running away from officers. Even eye witness Demetrius Braxton, who was allegedly with Tyre at the time of the shooting, said Tyre was running away from the police when they shot him dead.2 
Tyre's family released a statement saying, "the Columbus Police Department, the City of Columbus and most importantly Tyre King and his family deserve the benefit of an investigation from a law enforcement agency that has no direct impact from the outcome of that investigation".3 And we agree. The Ohio community continues to call for Prosecutor Ron O'Brien to hold police accountable. Just four months ago, residents took to the streets to protest for O'Brien to take action after the police shooting of Henry Green  and now they're protesting for Tyre King.4 But O'Brien repeatedly fails to act.5 O’Brian needs to step aside to ensure an accurate, independent investigation takes place


Scott, Rashad, Arisha, Enchanta, Malaya and the rest of the Color Of Change team

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