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Tell "Apprentice" advertisers to stop protecting Trump !
Advertisers must stop ads on 'The Apprentice' for the good of the American people.
Hollywood insiders say Trump bragging about sexual assault is just the tip of the iceberg. 


Dear friend, 

“Grab her by the p****.”
Last week, footage was released of Donald Trump bragging about committing sexual violence. In conversation with former Access Hollywood host, Billy Bush, Trump boasted that he “doesn’t even wait” before groping women’s genitalia and forcing his mouth on them.1
Now, Hollywood insiders like Bill Pruitt, ex-producer of Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice are stepping up publicly saying that Trump’s grotesque remarks were just the tip of the iceberg--and that there are tapes that are “much worse.”2 Bill would know--Apprentice cameras followed Trump for hours each day, catching him in his most openly racist and sexist moments.Rumors persist that in the unleaked tapes, Trump proudly uses racial epithets--veteran reality TV producer, Chris Nee tweeted that “Apprentice” cast and crew confided that there are recordings of Trump using “the n-word.3 ”

But we may never see those tapes because Trump friend and “Apprentice” creator, Mark Burnett, who also currently serves as the President of MGM Television, has refused to release them citing vague contractual agreements.4
They're protecting Trump and while Mark Burnett and MGM Television waffle on the alleged legality of releasing the tapes despite other media moguls calling them out for lying; one thing is clear-- non-disclosure agreements do not protect illegal activity and a racially hostile work environment rife with sexual harassment is not legal in America.5
That’s why we’re asking advertisers on the “The Apprentice” to take a stand against rape culture and the protection of racist and purveyor of sexual violence, Donald Trump by no longer advertising on the show until the tapes are released. 

It's possible that for years, contractual obligations prevented Burnett's employees from blowing the whistle on what sounds like an extremely hostile work environment for women and Black people on the set of "Celebrity Apprentice." If advertisers continue to support "The Apprentice", they are supporting the protection of a racially and sexually hostile work environment.

We know that Donald Trump has a long history of disturbing and grotesque behavior with at least three major accusations of rape including the rape of a thirteen-year-old girl.6 Additionally, more than twenty former “Apprentice” cast and crew members stated that while on the show, Trump openly rated female cast members by breast size and expressed interest in having sex with them.7

By continuing to advertise on "The Apprentice" despite the creators protecting Trump, advertisers are choosing a side. Instead of honoring cherished American values of openness and transparency; they side with the secretive cronyism and protection of wealthy bigots that has plagued our politics for too long.
Donald Trump is no longer just a brash and bigoted reality television star, he is the Republican nominee for President of the United States. He must be held accountable for hate speech and bigotry and should not be coddled just because he has friends in high places.

Until justice is real,

Brandi, Rashad, Arisha, Jade, Anika, Evan, Bernard, Corina, the rest of the Color Of Change team.

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