samedi 13 mai 2017

COLOR OF CHANGE (U.S) : Bring a mom home from jail for Mother’s Day !

We are reuniting families for Mother's Day

Help us tell the story !

Dear friend,

In the spirit of Harriet Tubman and other strategic radical abolitionists, Color of Change is collaborating with Southerners On New Ground, Movement for Black Lives and several activist organizations and putting our skills, resources and money together to pay for our loved ones’ freedom. It's called National Mama’s Bail Out Day, and we are bailing out women across the country. At least 80 percent of women caged behind bars are mothers who haveonly been accused of minor offenses but not found guilty. The reason they are still in jail and separated from their families is because they are too poor to afford bail.
We have the power to right this wrong and provide Black women with their human right to be treated innocent until proven guilty. But we still need $20,000 to make sure National Mamas Bail Out Day reaches the airwaves and these women have the media coverage and support needed when they are bailed out. 

Thousands of people who have not been convicted of a crime languish in jails everyday because they simply can’t afford to purchase their freedom. The criminal justice system, with the help of prosecutors, uses money bail to drive mass incarceration. Prosecutors have the option to choose alternatives to money bail, but fail to do so because they are more concerned with receiving kickbacks from the bail bond industry than working for the people who elected them.
Color of Change will be launching a campaign to demand prosecutors stop this practice of locking people up for not being able to pay. We've run previous campaigns where we've held Anita Alvarez in Chicago, Devon Anderson in Houston, TX, and Tim McGinty in Cleveland, OH accountable but this time we are going big--organizing our members in cities around the country to confront their local prosecutors. With your help, we will produce a video recap of the Mama's Bailout effort that will tell the the real stories of people being held on money bail and inspire our communities to take action.
But even while we hold elected officials accountable, reform and abolition of the bail system isn't coming quick enough. So we are taking Black matters into Black hands and bailing out unconvicted Black women across the country.

Black women make up 40 percent of the women that are imprisoned and more than 40% of Trans women are sexually assaulted in jail. These mamas don’t deserve this ! Some of them made mistakes. Some of them got caught in the system despite their best efforts. But if they're not charged of any crime, then they should be allowed to go home with their families.
Dear friend, our people are being held hostage and cash bail is ransom. Money kept them in. Our love and resources will get them out.
This year, make your Mother’s Day gift count. Bring a mom home for Mother’s Day.


Color Of Change is building a movement to elevate the voices of Black folks and our allies, and win real social and political change. Help keep our movement strong.

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