mardi 9 mai 2017

U.S (COLOR OF CHANGE) : Demand EVENTBRITE permanently cut white supremacists off from their platform !

Eventbrite is selling tickets to events for hate


Tell Eventbrite to stop supporting and 
profiting from hate groups.

Dear friend, 

Eventbrite - the world’s largest platform for selling event tickets - has a hate group problem. Eventbrite is making tens of thousands of dollars a year selling tickets to events hosted by hate groups and featuring enablers of white supremacy like Milo Yiannopoulos and Richard Spencer.

Just this past Saturday, white nationalists hosted a sold-out gala featuring some of the biggest names in the white nationalist movement. Tickets to the event were sold on Eventbrite for as much $1,500 each.For a similar event hosted last year by white nationalists, Eventbrite made upwards of $100,000. The event page hosted by Eventbrite even contained a cartoon image of Trump making a hand gesture that is increasingly being used as a white supremacist symbol.
Despite having met with their leadership and bringing this problem to their attention multiple times, Eventbrite continues to fail to take action that ensures their platform is not used to spread and fund hate, all while CEO Julia Hartz talks openly about being a people-centered company. If Eventbrite truly cares about people, then why do they continue to promote and profit from groups and individuals whose rhetoric are explicitly tied to the rise in violent hate crimes ?

When white supremacists - and the people who cater to them - use a platform like Eventbrite’s to elevate their hateful and violent ideas they create tangible dangers for our people. These hate groups and their leaders are not just shock-jock provocateurs looking to get a rise out of people by ‘offending’ them; they are actively painting a target on the backs of our communities and teaching their audiences how to harass vulnerable people.
While Eventbrite’s relative profit from these hate groups is practically peanuts, these groups are using the money raised off of Eventbrite to indoctrinate people into their hateful ideologies, spread propaganda that promotes damaging lies about marginalized groups and even to train and deploy an army of white nationalist that travel around the country to harass people of color. And in the case of Gavin McInnes, one of Saturday’s featured speakers, to organize an “alt-right” paramilitary group whose goal is to physically assault people protesting against Trump and the far-right.1 Groups like McInnes’ are clearly meant to intimidate and harm people of color, so why won’t Eventbrite do the right thing and stop profiting off of hate ?
Eventbrite needs to make sure its platform is not profiting from hate groups or giving them a megaphone to stir up racial fear and push damaging falsehoods and distortions about Black communities.

Until justice is real, 

Brandi, Rashad, Arisha, Evan, Jade, Yeshi, Anika, Corina and the rest of the Color Of Change team.

References :

1. “Meet the New Military Division of White Nationalism” The Root, April 26, 2017.

Color Of Change is building a movement to elevate the voices of Black folks and our allies, and win real social and political change. Help keep our movement strong.

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