mardi 3 mai 2016

U.S : Microsoft dumps Trump, Google doubles down on hate.

Microsoft heard your voices and cut its funding of the Trump-led RNC !


But too many tech companies are still planning to fund the RNC. Let’s make sure that companies like Google follow Microsoft and dump Trump !

Dear friend, 

After weeks of pressure from you, tech giant Microsoft has announced that it will not be donating money to the Trump-led Republican National Convention despite more than a decade of financial sponsorship.1 This is a huge departure from their previous sponsorship of the RNC - in 2012, half of Microsoft’s $1.5 million donation came from direct contributions. 
This is a huge win in the campaign to cut corporate sponsorships of the Trump-led convention and we applaud Microsoft for publicly announcing their decision! 
But too many other tech companies are still planning to fund the RNC and Trump's racist, misogynistic, and xenophobic rhetoric. 
We’ve already pushed two of the world’s largest and most well known companies to dump Trump - Coca Cola and Microsoft - now tech companies like Google need to reject a violent and divisive Trump-led Republican National Convention.

Tech companies like Microsoft and Google have poured millions of dollars into marketing themselves as diverse and inclusive brands, which is why we’re shocked that Google has proudly announced they intend to sponsor the Republican National Convention as the official livestream provider - offering Trump an even larger platform to spread his message of hate and his thinly-veiled threats of violence.2
Just as tech companies are holding the state of North Carolina accountable for its anti-LGBT legislation, Google and other tech companies are dodging their responsibility to hold Donald Trump and the GOP accountable for their messages of racism and bigotry. Microsoft took a stand last week and so did Coca-Cola four weeks ago when it became the first company to withdraw from further support of the convention. Google should follow their lead, listen to the hundreds of thousands of people calling for the company to withdraw from the convention, and reevaluate its position. 
It’s unacceptable for any company that values women, people of color, immigrants, and Muslims to help Trump amplify his message. When historians write about the 2016 election years from now, it will not only be the story of Donald Trump’s hateful rhetoric, but also the story of companies that provided him with support, cover, and access. We hope Google and other tech companies will choose to be on the right side of history while they still have the chance.

Led by Color of Change, this campaign has brought together a broad coalition of netroots, Latino, Jewish, Muslim and women’s rights organizations, including Muslim Advocates, Latino Victory Project, CREDO, UltraViolet, vsGoliath, Free Press Action Fund, Care2, SumOfUs, MoveOn, Daily Kos, and Courage Campaign.
Until Justice is Real,

Arisha, Rashad, Brandi, Evan, Bernard and the rest of the ColorOfChange team.

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1. “Microsoft Will Not Donate Money to Republicans’ Convention,” New York Times, 04-29-2016
2. “Google will live stream the Republican convention, despite anti-Trump protests,” The Verge, 04-29-2016

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