vendredi 22 juillet 2016

U.S : Sign and share this petition; help us make Los Angeles safer for Black people.

Dear friends,

Thank you for supporting this petition. Now, we're going one step further and pressuring Mayor Eric Garcetti to fire LAPD Chief Charlie Beck. Hundreds of Black Lives Matter activists and allies have been sitting-in at Los Angeles City Hall since July 12, 2016, prompted by the ruling of the Los Angeles Police Commission that the killing of 30 year-old Black mother, Redel Jones, was “in policy.”

Did you know: Under Charlie Beck's command, the LAPD has murdered more of its residents than any other law enforcement unit in the country, killing 21 in 2015 and 10 so far this year?

In almost all cases, Beck has refused to condemn the acts of officers who kill residents, fire/discipline them, or recommend them for criminal prosecution.

It's time to dismantle the LAPD, and that begins with removing the leader of the dangerous police chief in the nation !

Tell Mayor Eric Garcetti: FIRE BECK!

Until justice is real,

Dr. Melina Abdullah, Black Lives Matter - Los Angeles

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