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U.S : Two Dozen Companies Dump Trump.

We did it ! Together our campaign has left the RNC millions of dollars short of fully funding Trump's coronation !
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Dear friend, 

Because of our work together, the Republican National Convention (RNC) has fallen millions of dollars short of funding Trump’s coronation !I'm here in Cleveland at the convention, and the impact of our campaign is clear - this convention is a disaster for the GOP ! 
Together we pressured two dozen major corporations to dump Trump and the RNC ! These companies made a clear statement that they will not provide Trump’s party support, cover, or amplification for his campaign of hate. This game-changing win was only possible because more than 200,000 members like you took action by signing petitions and making phone calls to companies like Microsoft and Amazon.
With the RNC’s unprecedented financial shortfall - caused by members like you - the GOP will be forced to divert millions of dollars from their campaign war chest to the convention; funds that would’ve been used to help elect Trump and other GOP candidates running on anti-Black policies and messages of racism. We still have a long way to go to stop Trump’s and the GOP’s racist agendas, but winning this campaign made a big dent in their wallets !

Right before kicking off the convention, GOP leaders sent a desperate letter to billionaire donor Sheldon Adelson begging him to cover the more than $6 million dollar deficit our campaign caused.2 After months of trying to dismiss the impact of your voices and actions, the RNC has been forced to come to terms with the power of our community. And when contribution filings are released in 60 days we’re likely to see that the RNC lost even more money than what they’re publicly saying.
But it shouldn't take 60 days to find out which companies did and did not fund Trump's corporation. We need to continue to fight for the structural changes to campaign finance reform that stops these political conventions from being opportunities for corporations to buy political access and favors. The only reason we even know which companies did pull out of the RNC, is because members like you pressured these companies for months and forced them to make public statements.
And we didn’t get just any companies to divest from the RNC, we got some of the biggest well-known companies in the world to choose people over profits. Here are all of the companies that took a stand against Trump’s coronation: Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Wal-Mart, Hewlett-Packard, Walgreens, UPS, FedEx, MetLife, Motorola, Wells Fargo, JPMorgan Chase, Ford, Apple, Amgen, GE, Amazon, Duke Energy, Pepsi, Visa, BP, and United Healthcare. 
Pressuring all of these companies wouldn’t have been possible if we were funded with corporate money. And we could not have pulled this campaign off without the support of our diverse partner organizations and their members - CREDOAction, Muslim Advocates, Free Press Action Fund, UltraViolet, Bend the Arc, Courage Campaign, Latino Victory Project, Center for Media Justice, and many others !
Corporate displays of solidarity like this are important and signal to the world a need for a cultural shift. Just like when corporations stood with civil rights leaders in the 60s, and with LGBTQ folks in recent years, this victory represents a major call for corporate America to stand against hate.  But more than that, we still have to push for candidates and policies that win lasting change for our communities. You can stay up-to-date on our latest political work to stop Trump by following our ColorOfChange PAC page of Facebook !

Until Justice is Real,

Rashad, Arisha, Brandi, Evan, Anika, Bernard and the rest of the ColorOfChange PAC team.

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