lundi 9 décembre 2013

A POEM from Sadek RUHMALY (Mauritius).

I am the shadow of the one who yearns,
I am the fragrance of the one who bleeds,
the harrowing pain of the hungry one , 
the biting sharpness of the thirsty one, 
the desolation of the lonely one,
the bewilderment of the ignorant one, 
the burning flesh of the guilty one,
the empty look of the chastised one,
the lost spirit of the mortified one,
the wandering arrow of the mortal one,
the dry petals of the fragrant one,
the aging skin of the beautiful one,
the wavering heart of the brave one,
the glowing smile of the silent one,
the scars of the trembling steps,
the shivers of the assured hand,
the light of a dried lamp.
I am the memory of your dreams.
I am the echo of your fears.
I am the vision of your soul's eye.
I am the language of your utterances.
I am the vibrations of your heartbeat.
I am your testimony.
I am your witness.
I am your conscience...
I am who you allow me to become.
I am so that you may be.
I am who you are.

8th December 2013

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