mardi 12 novembre 2013

A poem from Sadek RUHMALY (Mauritius) : " TEAR DROPS ON BUTTERFLY WINGS ".

The rainbow of murmuring emotions
Casts a lingering Symphony of yearning
Across the tapestry of our fears.

Akin to the fragile beauty of silky wings
That sways the paths of lonely butterflies
Across the windy ballads through forests, mountains, rivers....

To gauge but a sublime fragrance of nectar
And the realisation that death is but a futile step
Between two heavenly states of mind

On earth amidst our routine gestures,
And In the heavens
When our Intent unveiled from beneath our deeds
Crowns our inner beauty of the soul
And offer us bliss and inner joy...

Heaven on earth with such expectations..
And heaven above as a fulfillment of divine promise
As a mirror to the purity of our hearts....
And our perfumed souls....

Such is the perfume of my heart
That the poetic lyrics just flow effortlessly from my spirit
In a ballad of contentment and bliss...

Such is my way of saying...
I love you every instant ...
With every single flap of butterfly wings.


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