lundi 25 novembre 2013

A poetic text from Sadek RUHMALY (Mauritius) : COSMIC STARS IN SOUILLAC.

My eyes wonder amongst the astral brightness in a Souillac moonlight silence. I saw an angel trapped within the alphabet of stars beyond the sunrays. I chose to weave its wings with verses from sandy waves. A symphony of murmurs and tremors to fill its pulses. The artistry of contemplative energies set the angel free with poetic wings. It chose not to flap its newly found freedom to soar beyond the moons. The angel wings glided towards the stillness of waves onto the sandy shore that fed its spirit. Such is the effortless elegance of poetic charms that dwells within the mundane that we tread so carefree - poetic sands of time amidst the fury of our lives.  


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