mardi 24 novembre 2015

U.S : about Jamar CLARK's case.

Eye-witnesses say Minneapolis Police fatally shot 24-year-old Jamar Clark "execution style."
Join local activists in demanding police release all video of the shooting :

Dear friend,

Minnesota officials have released the names of the police who fatally shot Jamar Clark in the head: Officer Mark Ringgenberg and Officer Dustin Schwarze. Both officers have been sued in the past for violence, false arrests and threats.1
One week after Jamar's killing and local officials are still refusing to release various videos they have of the killing. For the past week, community members have camped out at the 4th precinct police station — facing pepper spray, arrest and rubber bullets — to demand justice for Jamar.2 And their courageous action is having an impact. This weekend, Minnesota Governor Dayton publicly called for a federal investigation into the violation of protesters' civil rights and release of all video relating to Jamar's killing.3

The reality is, Jamar’s killing hit a nerve for thousands of Black youth in Minneapolis, a city like so many others where systemic anti-Black police violence is rampant. Minneapolis police are 6 times more likely to stop and arrest Black teens than white teens for low level issues, such as “curfew violations.”4 From 2006 to 2012, Minneapolis paid out $14 million for police misconduct, but leadership almost never disciplined officers. In 2014, there was an average of 1.2 complaints against each Minneapolis police officer.5
Law enforcement are claiming that Jamar reached for the officer's gun, despite dozens of children, teens and adults who witnessed the shooting and say Jamar was shot in the head while in handcuffs. This weekend, activists unearthed cell phone video of the incident that shows Jamar with his hands behind his back immediately after he was shot, disproving police testimony.6 In order to help this suffering community heal, local officials need to release all video evidence, expose the truth, and begin the hard work of moving forward.
Thank you



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