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When unlimited money is allowed to be spent on elections, Black voices are drowned out. The New York Times showed that just 158 families have given 50% of all the donations to Presidential candidates.1 A group the paper calls, "overwhelmingly white, rich, older and male."
Since Citizens United, unlimited sums of money have flowed to candidates for federal office and much of it never has to be reported. But President Obama can shine a light on this process by issuing an executive order requiring federal contractors disclose political spending. That's why we're teaming up with our friends at DailyKos to urge President Obama to take action now.
Please read the message from DailyKos below and then sign the petition to President Obama.
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Rashad, Arisha, Hope, Johnny, and the entire ColorOfChange team

[1] "The Families Funding the 2016 Presidential Election," NY Times, 10-10-15,

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Because of Supreme Court decisions like Citizens United, corporations that receive government contracts can secretly funnel untold sums into elections to help elect (and re-elect) the very same lawmakers responsible for awarding those contracts.
As a result, companies like Lockheed Martin, Verizon, and even subsidiaries of Koch Industries, that enjoy taxpayer-funded contracts, spend millions to influence the elections in their favor.
It’s outrageous.
But, short of overturning those decisions, there’s something that President Obama can do about this RIGHT NOW without going through Congress.
He can issue an executive order requiring government contractors to disclose their political spending.
We deserve to know how much corporations are spending—either backing politicians who may help these companies get lucrative taxpayer-funded contracts, or attacking politicians who do not.
By making this political spending public, these corporations can be held accountable to how they influence politics and help end pay-to-play contracting.

The Daily Kos Team 

ColorOfChange is building a movement to elevate the voices of Black folks and our allies, and win real social and political change. Help keep our movement strong.

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