jeudi 30 juin 2016

U.S : Stand with #BlackLivesMatter-Los Angeles : Tell US Attorney General Loretta Lynch not to honor the LAPD !

Dear friends,

Thank you for supporting this petition and #BlackLivesMatter-Los Angeles. Ultimately, District Attorney Jackie Lacey decided to prosecute non-violent protesters— rather than the city’s murderous police officers.

But now we have an opportunity to honor the lives and names we uplifted on December 23rd— when the LAPD arrested activists who were then hit with felony conspiracy charges.

This week, Attorney General Loretta Lynch is scheduled to honor the LAPD. However, having killed 21 people in 2015 – more than any other law enforcement agency in the country – along with one of the nation’s most intrusive surveillance programs, LAPD should not be getting awards, they should be getting a federal investigation.

Please sign and share this petition with your social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Email) so that we can multiply our impact. The LAPD is not a model of 21st Century Policing. It is a cornerstone of the carceral state.

Until justice is real,

Dr. Melina Abdullah
#BlackLivesMatter-Los Angeles

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