lundi 14 mai 2018


I fast to brush off the mist on the Eyes of my Heart...
To dust off the Heart of my Eyes,
To merge the Eyes of my Heart into the Vision of my Soul,
To delve into Emptiness in order to seek Fulfillment,
To quench the Thirst for Enlightened Thoughts of Awareness,
To release the Shackles to Entrapment of the Soul onto Selfless Abandon,
To depict the Silent Contours of Human Frailty and Vain Attires,
To stir the Vibrant Solace of a recurring Mystic Adventure,
To grasp but a Glimpse of the passing Shadow of Serene Surrender of Self onto the Greater One,
To opt for Nothingness so that All Embracing One gush forth to drown all Apprehension with Grace...
I fast to refill a Void with Meaning and Measured Reality.
Ramadan is a Time to be One with Humanity,
Albeit Alone with the Supreme One,
Wrapped in Stillness and Sublime Surrender.
Ramadan is an Energy Corridor...
Such Vibrations know no boundaries.
No shape extends beyond its natural wavelength.
Humanity is a Microcosm of the Greater Universe
Such Collective Energies define the Essence of Our Being.
Ramadan redefines our Identity to merge into the Universal Truth.

Washington D.C.
Ramadan 2018

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