mercredi 22 août 2018

U.S : Don't Erase Black People from Detroit's History !

Detroit Community Organizations and Activists just started a petition to the Charles Wright Museum of African American History leadership to :

Maintain Black Legacy and Involvement at Detroit's African American History Museum

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Smiling Black father and son in front of Detroit's Charles Wright Museum of African American History
Photo Credit : Charles Wright Museum of African American History

Dear friend,

Real estate moguls and rich developers have fixed their eyes on our Charles Wright Museum of African American History (Wright Museum), an important Black Detroit cultural landmark. Right now, without a CEO and appropriate board leadership grounded in our community, we are vulnerable to losing a core Black institution. We demand that the Detroit's Black community is represented on the governing board and included in the new CEO search. The pressures to cater Detroit's prime Midtown area, where the Wright Museum is located, to white people leave many of us asking : Will we as Black people be written out of Detroit’s past and the future ?

The Charles Wright Museum of African American History is being increasingly marketed to newcomers. Black community and cultural events are being displaced or shut down early to cater to white private events. There’s even talk of an exhibit commemorating Thomas Jefferson -- one of our nation's founders and a slave owner. It would be a tall feat indeed to create such an exhibit that centers Black experiences, contextualizes it for Black Detroiters, and does not erase or whitewash Black history in this country. The Charles Wright Museum of African American History requires leadership who is deeply grounded in the Black Detroit community, our history, and our daily lived experiences. The whitewashing and racist revision of Black history displaces Black people from our rightful place in this country's history as incredible agents of social change and powerful intellectual and cultural contributors. It's not just wrong, it's dangerous amidst an emboldened white supremacist movement.

Unapologetically Black spaces that Detroiters can call home -- like the Charles Wright Museum of African American History -- are becoming too far and few between. We, as proud Black community groups and individuals, cherish the Wright Museum for its dedication to serving our cultural and educational interests and aspirations. But, as rapid development pushes out Black residents, Black institutions, Black-owned businesses, we ask you to join us in supporting and protecting our Charles Wright Museum of African American History as an important Black cultural institution in our city. 

In love and struggle,

Detroit Organizations Supporting Black Legacy and Community Involvement of Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History1

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1. Petition Starters :
Alkebu-lan Village; Association for the Study of African American Life and History (ASALH), Detroit Chapter; Blackness Unlimited; Broadside Lotus Press; City of Detroit Council of Elders; Conant Gardens Property Owners Association; Detroit Black Community Food Security Network; Detroit Independent Freedom Schools Movement; Detroit MLK Day Committee; Eastern Michigan Environmental Action Council; In the Tradition Jazz Band; Inner City Sub Center; James and Grace Lee Boggs Center to Nurture Community Leadership; Keep the Vote NO Takeover; Malcolm X Grassroots Movement; Million Man Alumni Association; National Conference of Black Lawyers, Michigan Chapter; NCobra Reparations; Operation Get Down; Pan-African Newswire; Petty Propolis; Pitch Black Poetry; Timbuktu Academy; We the People of Detroit; West Side Unity Church

Color Of Change is building a movement to elevate the voices of Black folks and our allies, and win real social and political change. Help keep our movement strong.

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